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I have been a patient of Dr. Lenhardt, utilizing his services as a functional medicine specialist for the past few months. I feel so cared for with his compassion and tenacity to look at and resolve complex medical issue and am excited about his new practice. I encourage anyone seeking comprehensive care to contact him. Additionally, I work in functional medicine as a nutrition provider and am so excited to have such a brilliant colleague to refer to.


Julie F., 52 year old healthcare professional and mother

with chronic fatigue and hormonal imbalances

Our family has been very fortunate to know Dr. Lenhardt for few years now, as our PCP. We cannot speak highly enough about this wonderful person and Doctor. He is truly amazing, extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and thorough, always learning and thinking outside of the box. Dr. Lenhardt has qualities and skills that are so hard to find in a Doctor these days - he combines traditional and alternative methods of treatment that ensure the best outcome for the patient. He is open-minded and al ways welcomes new ideas in medicine. It's not the "one size fits all" approach.


 Tatiana R., 35 year old mom with thyroid dysfunction

Our whole family has nothing but admiration for this incredible person who is truly one of the kind! My son (who is 3 years old) simply adores Dr. Lenhardt. He experiences ZERO anxiety in his office and is happy to cooperate. We already told Dr. Lenhardt that if he ever leaves, we would pack and follow him, as we would never be able to find such a Doctor again. :-)

His recent book "The Best of All Worlds" is simply a must have for anyone who wants to live a healthy life.


 Tatiana R. on Victor R, a 5-year-old with autism

Dr. Lenhardt restored my quality of life. Through his process of educating his patients, he enabled me to understand my symptoms better. I participated in finding the solutions for my issues as he examined my whole-health picture. He is always researching on behalf of his patients to understand their issues. I have recommended his book and blogs to friends and strangers alike who are struggling to find health-related answers. His website has been written on many napkins and notepads at a variety of gatherings. I am so grateful for the day my primary doctor was unavailable and I transferred my primary medical care to Dr. Lenhardt.


Mary J., 45 year old engineer with chronic fatigue

I would highly recommend Dr. Lenhardt. He is one of the few doctors who is willing to think outside of the box.  He takes into account all his patients symptoms and helps make a plan for recovery. This plan may include traditional medicines or alternative medicines.  He is extremely knowledgeable with thyroid conditions, Epstein-Barr virus, Lyme disease and other illnesses that have been difficult to diagnose by traditional doctors. He is a rare gem in the physician world.  He is an excellent listener and will take the time that is needed to find the right solution. I was misdiagnosed by multiple doctors until being introduced to Dr. Lenhardt.  With his help, I found out through specific blood testing that I had high levels of active Epstein-Barr virus in my system. He treated me with an antiviral regime and within a few weeks most, if not all of my symptoms have resolved. I am still on this antiviral regime and am anticipating a full recovery.


B. Wheeler, 37 year old performer with chronic fatigue

I feel very fortunate that Dr. Lenhardt provides my primary care. His integrative approach to medical problems has given me some relief to chronic pain management. By thinking outside of the box, he has shown a tenacious interest in trying to find root-cause solutions. He is never afraid to say that he doesn't know all the answers but expresses a keen interest in exploring new possibilities. Dr. Lenhardt always demonstrates his caring and compassion by being an excellent listener and responding courteously to both oral and email questions. He sets very high standards for increasing his medical knowledge and delivering effective and cost-efficient treatment to his patients.


Bob B., 72 year old retired with chronic leg pain and mineral deficiencies

I have been fortunate to have Andrew Lenhardt, MD, as my primary doctor. He repeatedly reminds me that medical science can go so far.  The rest is lifestyle.  I’m doing the exercise part; the food thing…it’s hell! In the meantime, READ his terrific book, THE BEST OF ALL WORLDS.  It should be on everyone’s shelf.


Joe S., 64 year old executive with coronary artery disease

Our family has been seeing Dr. Lenhardt for over 5 years. We are very much impressed with his holistic and caring approach to medicine.  He is about seeing the whole person and in the context of family. Our son has been a challenge for us and Dr. Lenhardt has been a great source of help in managing some of our son's issues in a non-prescription drug manner. This has been very important to us as we have believed that medication is not the only way to support our son. Dr. Lenhardt is always available to listen and to provide advice when asked. We really like his prompt responses to our questions and his availability through e mail.  We have recently moved out of the area and are already concerned about being able to find another family practitioner with his skills and "bedside" manner.


The Gilmore Family, with a variety of heath issues

including a teenage son with behavioral issues.

I have confidence that you'll be able to see through our particular jungle to identify considerations for the future. We've already put some of your published ideas into practice. It may seem like you are composing text that disappears into thin air, but some of us are paying attention.


Rhoda S., a 78 year with chronic pain

In choosing my consultants in life I am very selective and look for what I consider important qualities. Dr. Andrew Lenhardt has them all.  He is obviously a well-educated medical doctor. Even more importantly he is open-minded, collaborative, compassionate and open to being outside the medical box. He has never dismissed my symptoms and has always been willing to help solve the problem even though a solution may be time consuming and elusive. You could not ask for a better doctor to be part of your health care team.


Maureen M., 55 year old therapist with a variety of health issues

I met Dr. Lenhardt when he first started at what is now Lahey. His quiet, unassuming demeanor makes one feel so comfortable when talking about difficult subjects. He had me when agreeing to mineral supplements for heart my palpitations instead of pharmaceuticals. His approach to health, knowledge of functional medicine coupled with his ability to really listen to his patients make for amazing health care.

My daughter became very ill so I took her to one of the so-called best Boston hospitals. The endocrinology department couldn't find anything wrong, treating her like a number rather than a person. Mother's instinct knew something was wrong. Watching her fade quickly, I made an appointment with Dr. Lenhardt in hopes of his shedding light on another avenue we could go. He ran a couple of tests (none of which they did in Boston) and within a week had a diagnosis and her on the way to recovery. My only regret is I should have started my daughter's journey with him. She now states, “he's the only one that actually listened to me and didn't treat me like a lab result.”


Everyone needs a doctor, health advocate like Dr. Lenhardt.

Sandy B, 56 year old mother and complementary health professional

Having you as my doctor is a huge part of my life. The holistic approach and testing you have been doing for my rsd has literally saved my world . I really don't know where I would be without your guidance . It is very important to me to continue working with you on all aspects of my health. Without out you there would be no quality of life for me. I desperately want to remain under your care and have you as my primary care physician.


Karyn, 45 year old suffering from reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

For the past decade I've specialized in diagnosing and treating chronic complex diseases. My goal is to target the root causes of illness and provide patients with the tools to achieve optimal health. In addition to my practice at Leahy Health, I am also the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Complex Health Solutions.


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