Andrew Lenhardt, MD

Personalized Medicine


functional medicine?

Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease. Using a systems-oriented approach, Andrew Lenhardt, MD collaborates with his patients so that they can achieve the highest expression of health.


To optimize his patients’ daily quality of life and to prevent illness, Dr. Lenhardt considers each person’s lifestyle, nutritional status, genetic variation, hormones levels, psychosocial dynamics, occupational exposures, and a myriad of other factors.

The best medicine is one based on an
individual’s unique characteristics and priorities.


Richard Duncan is a medical doctor who solves mystery illness cases. He sees patients with complex health issues and tries to sort the underlying causes that can then be reversed. A company named Diagnostix has a plan to gradually introduce intelligent systems into healthcare in such a way that the need for most physicians is ultimately phased out. Richard enlists the help of a hacker John to delve into the deeper programming of the Diagnostix system so they can determine its true purpose. They are ultimately faced with the task of bringing down a system that is supported by powerful forces behind the scenes.

Emotional Intelligence In A Complex World

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